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Ministry to Men

ways to Connect


Men's Fellowship Lunch:

If you're looking for an easy way to meet some guys that attend UPC, drop in on our weekly men's fellowship lunch. The group meets at the Waterford Lakes Gators Dockside every Friday at noon. While this lunch isn't a Bible Study, it is an opportuinty to hang out with some of the men at our church who are very welcoming and excited to help new guys find genuine community at UPC.  For more info contact Eglin

Work Matters - Monthly Business Lunch:

Every month we host a lunch for business men & women in the East Orlando area. Come enjoy a nice lunch with a brief Bible Study on a topic relevant to people in the working world. It’s a great easy step toward finding friends and fellowship at UPC. It's FREE if you bring your own lunch. It's $10 if you'd like us to have a box lunch waiting for you when you arrive. Click here to sign up for the upcoming lunch. Or text the word "work" to 407-984-4880.  

ways to Grow


Life Groups:

At UPC, one of our core values is genuine community. One of the best ways to experience this at UPC is to join one of our Life Groups. These groups are UPC’s primary means of shepherding our membership and building genuine community. Many of our groups are a mixture of singles and married couples. We've designed them to be a place for anybody to find the genuine community we all long for. To join a group, fill out an online registration form. You can also visit our Life Group Finder to contact a Life Group leader in your part of town. 

Life-on-Life Discipleship:

Most of today's mature Christian men have benefited greatly from the time-tested, biblical (2 Tim. 2:2), experience of one-on-one (or life-on-life) discipleship.  If you've never had someone intentionally mentor you and teach you how to follow Jesus, you likely have no idea just how life-changing this kind of discipleship can be.  It provides a safe environment where men can ask hard questions and get truly helpful answers.  It also provides a clear path to spiritual maturity.  A spiritually mature man is filled with joy, meaning, and purpose.  If you want to be discipled in this way, contact our Pastor of Discipleship, Mike Osborne.

The Gathering:

"The Gathering" is the name of our adult education program on Sunday morning. We are currently offering two adult learning communities:

1) "Christian Apologetics: How to Defend Your Faith in Changing Times" led by Frank Markle in Room 1.

2) "Reluctantly Devoted: The Message of the Book of Jonah" led by Justin Kuiper in Room 2.

The Gathering is a place of connection where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, share, and get to know people better. It's also a place of spiritual growth where you can study God's Word in an interactive setting. Pick one of the classes and join us Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. in the Education Annex. 

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