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Life Groups


What Are Life Groups?

Life Groups are small communities of five to twenty people who pursue worship, community, and mission together. A trained leader and an apprentice lead each group and hold it accountable to group goals. There may also be a host or host couple who opens their home for group gatherings. There is a primary meeting of the group that takes place weekly or biweekly, but the group finds other ways of engaging throughout the week in the normal rhythms of life.

Why Life Groups?

Life Groups are UPC’s primary means of shepherding its membership and building gospel community. Life Groups provide the following four things essential for growth in the gospel:

  • A Next Step. Life Groups are the “next step” for folks who are new to the church or who want to get better connected.
  • A Safe-House. Life Groups are “spiritual safe-houses” where we share our struggles, talk about the real stuff of life, and receive support, prayer, and encouragement.
  • A Seedbed. Life Groups are “spiritual seedbeds” where we create an environment of spiritual transformation through Bible study, sermon reflection, prayer, fellowship, and mutual care.
  • A Launch Pad. Life Groups are “launch pads” where we help people have an impact on others.Each Life Group has a mission of word or deed to lost and unchurched friends and neighbors. 

Looking to join a Life Group?

Fill out an online registration form. You can also visit our Life Group Finder to contact a Life Group leader in your part of town.